Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2018 A Weaving Odyssey


Basket weavers from all over the east coast gathered in Gettysburg, PA for the 2018 Weaving Odyssey hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers Guild.
From Thursday evening until noon on Sunday weavers were busy perfecting their craft, making new friends, enjoying the company of  other basket weavers and having FUN!. 
Ten different talented instructors lead workshops, sold supplies and kits, and offered encouragement to all levels of weavers.  In addition to the classes, there was a silent auction, raffle, basket exchange, marketplace, hospitality room, Saturday night banquet and a masseuse!

I took a class lead by Ruth Garcia from  Westerly, Rhode Island.  We wove strips of painted watercolor paper that Ruth had prepared. The vessel took the shape of a cats head basket. 
Once the basket was complete, a thin layer of varnish was applied.  Using decorative hostess napkins we decoupaged the designs onto the basket as we desired.  A final coat of varnish was applied to the inside and outside of the basket.   

When ever I have the opportunity to take a basket class with Anne Bowers, an award winning basket maker from Kearneysville, West Virginia I sign up.  Anne taught several classes at Odyssey - woven cane bracelets, flat bottom egg basket, a red egg basket and a butternut squash colored oriole style basket.

I worked on the multicolored ribbed oriole basket.  Emphasis was placed on whittling ribs to form the shape of the basket. A variety of weaving materials were used - flat reed, round reed, sea grass, baler twine, cane, and a philodendron sheath.

Anne Bowers demonstrating how to
add a philodendron sheath

                     MARK YOU CALENDARS  now -  

                        2019 WEAVING ODYSSEY

                          SEPTEMBER 19-22, 2019

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Waxed Linen

I enjoy weaving with waxed linen for a number of reasons.  It's easy on your hands and it is easy to weave most anywhere. 

I often take waxed linen projects with me when I travel.  My vessels are small and the supplies do not take up much room.  It's the perfect travel craft!

Friday I was in Ohio Pyle, PA along the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail waiting for a group of bikers to arrive on their trek from Cumberland to Pittsburg.  It was a beautiful day and I spent my time sitting in the shade working on the waxed linen bowl pictured  here.  Even a cat came by to keep me company as I worked on my project!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Button Basket

Once again the Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers Guild is weaving and filling baskets with personal care items for local shelter clients.

One of the basket patterns selected to be made was designed by Dianne Kennedy from North Carolina.  The pattern is available for free from
www.justpatterns.com   If you are unfamiliar with this site, I encourage you to explore their site and many offerings.

The Button Basket is 6" square with a handle.  I used blue reed for an accent color.  The string of fabric "yo-yos" and buttons are woven around the basket to add a textural embellishment. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Pineapple Hospitality Basket


I  have seen photos of a basket designed to look like a pineapple and decided to try to weave the basket without having a pattern to follow.   Do you ever do this?  I like the challenge of solving basket design problems. 
This is my first attempt making a pineapple basket.  The basket can hold a bottle inside.  
The first time I make a new basket I have to workout the weaving techniques, materials, and sizes needed to duplicate the design.  Once I make a few more I'll feel more confident  and refine my results.   

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Common Ground 2018

Once again this summer I took part in the 24th Annual Traditions Weeks Common Ground on the Hill.  For three weeks musicians, artists, dancers, writers, filmmakers, educators, and creative people come together at McDaniel College to explore cultural diversity through artistic traditions.

I taught a group of thirteen the art of  weaving with waxed linen.  Techniques of twining, 3 rod wale and reverse 3 rod wale twining, step-ups and bead embellishments were used by the students. 

They were able to complete a small pendant and vessel during the week-long class.

Student display of pendants
Student display
Students small shaped vessel

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hot Cross Bun Basket


I wove a round  natural reed basket with a wooden base and accented with a diamond weave braid decorative border using seafoam dyed round reed. 

Gina Kieft, a basketmaker from Michigan designed the pattern.  You can learn more about Gina and her baskets at www.ginasbaskets.com 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

CPBWG May Workshop

The Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers Guild hosted a weekend workshop lead by Gail Hutchinson.  Gail is a full time basket weaver from West Virginia, who travels the country to teach her craft.

I choose to make a round basket with a woven base that added extra spokes from #2 round reed that were manipulated to give a unique pattern to the side of the basket. 

The basket was finished with a ribbed rim and "flags" of the round reed encircling the top of the basket. The finished basket is 9 1/2" tall and 12" in diameter.

Starting the ribbed rim.

Basic step to the completed basket