Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Weaving Your Cares Behind" Weekend

I spent this weekend in Bedford, PA attending the Basketweavers Guild of Bedford County 7th Annual Retreat.  I took 2 classes taught by Dianne Gleixner from Brookville, WI.    It was a fun weekend of basket making,

The first basket I made was a colorful cathead basket.  The spokes and weavers are space dyed with two shades of rust.  This method of dying the reed give a variegated appearance to the basket.  This basket features 2 bands of triple twining outlining a contrasting band along the top edge.


The second basket I made featured smoked reed,  a wooden base and a swing handle.  A bottom band of triple twining  and a continuous weave to create a spiral design on the basket sides.  The basket was completed with a decorative round reed overlay.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hen Baskets

I wove a series of Hen Baskets varying the size and color combinations to make each distinctive.
 This set uses brown and cream reed. The side opens are 8" in diameter.  One hen basket  is primarily brown with cream highlights, while the other hen basket is the reverse.  It is cream with a band of brown.

The second set of hen baskets are smaller, with only a 6" diameter opening.  They don't have as wide a pocket.  One is cream only and the second is multicolor with a band of cream reed.