Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quatrefoil Pattern Basket

Baskets are made and shaped by weaving reed and other natural fibers.  A basic weaving pattern is an over, under, over repetition.  I use this pattern for many baskets, yet there are more complicated patterns of weaving that make intricate designs in finished baskets.

The quatrefoil is one such pattern.  I start with colored flat reed and have to concentrate as I follow the weaving sequence for the center square.  Once the square is complete, the weaving sequence is continued with cream reed to emphasize the developing quatrefoil design.  Squint your eyes to help you see the emerging design.

Once the base design is established I start to weave up the side of the basket, reverting back to the basic over, under, over  pattern. When I reach the desired side height I add handles and finish off the basket rim.   While the finished basket is a functional low-sided round basket, the color and design makes it so much more........don't you agree?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Egg baskets

The first basket I made was an egg basket.  It continues to be one of my favorite baskets to make.  Like many baskets, an egg basket's form is dictated by function.  The two hump shapes rest easily on a person's hip as they use the basket to hold fresh eggs as they are gathered.  The two sides of the basket keep the eggs from moving about and breaking. The size of the basket determines the number of eggs it can carry.

Not many people use an egg basket to gather eggs anymore, but the design is still an appealing shape. I like to experiment with  various color combinations as I weave.  The 14 inch diameter egg basket above uses a range of purple,blue and teal tones .