Saturday, November 11, 2017

Give Thanks

November is here and it is time to count our blessings.  Being part of an active basket weaving guild is one of mine.  Today I spent an enjoyable Saturday morning weaving the casserole size basket shown above with members of the Central Pennsylvania Basketweavers Guild.  Guild member Joanne Sheriff lead the work session.

The wooden base has the routered message "Give Thanks" and two leaves. The leather handles were attached to the bottom of the base After inserting the spokes, two rows of twinging anchored the reeds in place.  The sides were brought up using cream half oval reed and a band of smoked reed and seagrass. 

The leather handles were not woven into the sides.  They are held in place between the outer and inner rim. 

Once the basket was complete, I painted the words and
leaves with paint.  A poly wood finish was then
applied to seal the base.