Sharon Schaeffer is an artist, teacher and basketmaker.  Schaeffer began making baskets in 1980 in a natural progression of her weaving as a fiber artist.  All her baskets and woven vessels reflect a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and techniques used in creating baskets.  Each basket is handmade using a variety of natural materials: reed, ash, oak, pine needles and seagrass.  Colored reed is hand dyed and/or stained.

Sharon Schaeffer's baskets have been exhibited in numerous shows and galleries throughout the East Coast. Photos of her baskets have been featured in several publications, including the book Baskets by Nancy Schiffer.

In addition to creating, marketing, exhibiting, and demonstrating her baskets, Schaeffer teaches basketry to interested persons of all ages.

A retired Maryland public school art educator, Schaeffer earned National Board Certification in secondary art following a rigorous portfolio and assessment process. She previously taught secondary art methodology to future art educators at McDaniel College.

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  1. Beautiful baskets! Did you write a book on baskets?