Monday, September 29, 2014

Twill Plaid Tote

I spent my Friday at the Central PA Basket Weavers Guild Odyssey 2014 weaving a 3 by 3 twill plaid tote basket.  The basket features two leather handles attached to the rim. The pattern for the basket was designed by Annetta Kraayeveld of Wisconsin.

Using burgundy, teal, cocco and cream
 reed the 3 by 3 twill pattern is established
 as the base is woven.

The sides are turn up and the pattern continues up the basket.

                        The basket is finished by attaching leather handles to the outside rim. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Woven "faux" Cattails

Mary Balint, a basketmaker from West Virginia,
conducted a fun workshop the first evening of this years Weaving Odyssey hosted by the Central PA Basket Weavers Guild.

The cattail is woven over the handle of the common pumber's helper.  After weaving about 10 to 12inches the woven tube is removed from the handle.  The splints are woven to a tapered point.  A pointed piece of round reed is inserted into the top of the weaving. The woven "cattail" is stained to a dark brown color.

To finish the cattail a 1/4 inch dowel is inserted into the tapered end of the weaving.  Tapered wide reed for leaves and palm inflorescence are attached to the dowel using floral wire.  Floral tape is wound around the dowel to the end.