Frequently Asked Questions

Is this artwork for sale?   

Yes.  Please contact me by email ( or by phone (410-857-5154) to inquire about a purchase. Baskets featured on the site are for sale, unless otherwise noted. Baskets can be shipped within the continental US.

Can a basket be made especially for me?

I would love to make a basket just for you.  If you have a  style  and color scheme of  a basket in mind, send me an email describing your request and contact information.  We can discuss the specifics of your future basket and work out the details.

How do I care for my baskets?

Your basket will provide a lifetime of service with minimal care.  Avoid placing baskets in direct sunlight or by a heat source for a prolonged time.  To prevent the reed from becoming brittle, baskets can be misted once a month.  Baskets may be washed with warm water and a mild soap if they become dusty.  Allow washed baskets to dry thoroughly to avoid the reed from becoming moldy.  As your basket ages, it may deepen in color. 

When did basketry begin?

Basketry is one of the oldest arts known to man.  Throughout time people in every culture have made baskets both for function and as decoration.  Baskets have been found in the tombs of Ancient Egypt.  The book of Exodus records the account of Baby Moses hidden in a basket made of bulrushes.  Baskets were common throughout medieval Europe.  Early Americans wove baskets out of necessity and were designed for a variety of specific uses, which is often reflected in the name of a basket.  These early traditions are continued by contemporary basketmakers whose baskets may be functional as well as decorative. 

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