Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015 A Weaving Odyssey

The Central Pennsylvania Basket Weaver's Guild hosted another fabulous basket convention this past weekend.  Instructors and basket weavers of all experience levels gathered in Gettysburg, PA for a fun-filled weaving experience.

 Thursday I learned to weave with waxed linen by Deb Roberson of Hallam,PA.  I made a tiny 2 1/2" diameter bowl using  twining and a braided border. 

Friday I took a class with Laura Lee Zanger from Augusta, GA to make an Oconee Twill Tote basket.  The tote begins with a 3/3 twill  base.  The sides are woven in a Cherokee 1-3-5 twill.  I personalized one of the medallions in the design with my monogram.  Leather straps were added for easy toting.

I wove with copper and hand-painted watercolor paper strips under the direction of Judith Saunders of Norfolk, VA on Saturday.  First I created a square based, 5 1/2" high bias weave vessel with  a distinctive plaid pattern .  A copper rim was lashed with waxed cotton cord.  Paper pinwheel curls were added to embellish the side.   

I took a second class with Judith Saunders on Sunday.  I used  copper and paper strips to make a small pouch necklace  measuring 2 1/2" by 3 1/2". with  in a similar style.