Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Double Magazine Holder Basket

I spent another Saturday weaving with the Central Pennsylvania Basketweaver's Guild.  We each made a large magazine basket adding our own individual touches. I choose to weave a band of burgundy reed for accent against the natural reed. 

The basket is woven with a 5" x 14" D handle at each end of the basket.  The 18" long basket can hold magazines side-by-side or be used for numerous other functions. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Market Basket with Burlap Accents

Market baskets are very functional.  They can be used to hold and carry a wide variety of items. 

This basket also serves as decorative piece with smoked reed and burlap accents.  A 2" band of maple covered with a burlap strip is woven in the top half of the basket.  Smoked flat oval reed is woven in  a decorative overlay on top of the burlap band.   Burlap formed flowers and twine tendrils  were attached the to front side.

The finished basket measures 10" by 15" with 8" sides.  The handle is 14" high.   
*The pattern is by Sharon Klusmann.  www.SharonKlusmann.com.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

High Country Basket Guild

  I spent an enjoyable day leading a basket workshop for the High Country Basket Guild in Annandale, Virginia.

Each participant wove an 8 inch square rib basket.  The basket featured a triple braid decorative handle using fine cane.  The basket and God's eye was woven with dyed flat reed. The ribs were inserted and woven with can for several rows  for an accents.  
8" Square Rib Basket with triple braid handle