Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reed Covered Vases

Basket makers often weave baskets around a mold to form unique shapes.  Usually the mold is removed prior to the finishing of the basket.  The exception to this is when you weave around a glass bottle or vase.  Throughout history you can find examples of woven sleeves covering glass bottles.  Below are two photos of antique reed covered wine and rum bottles I took while visiting a San Juan distillery on vacation.

I like to weave around glass vases to create reed covered flower holders.  I begin weaving a circular starburst pattern with round reed to cover the base of the vase.  I bend the spokes up to weave tightly around the vase, using various colored reed to create a variety of color patterns.   I continue to weave around the vase following the shape of the glass.  When I reach the top of the vase I complete the weaving with a decorative rim finishing.

The finished reed covered vase holds water and makes for a color coordinated flower arrangement.

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