Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ribbed Hearth Basket

Anne Bowers is a skilled basketmaker from West Virginia.  Ribbed basketry is her specialty and she shared her expertise at the Central PA Basket Weavers Guild Odyssey 2014 by teaching a Saturday class on a  Ribbed Hearth Basket. 

I began my hearth basket by weaving a decorative chevron cane pattern on the wooden hearth frame handle.

Then I wove a tear-dropped shaped God's eye on each side of the basket using 1/4 inch flat reed.

The primary ribs were whittled and inserted behind the God's eye. Weaving an over-under-over pattern with cane held the ribs in place as I spread them evenly between the rim and handle base..

 The secondary ribs were then added to complete the rib frame.  After about 9 rows of weaving with cane, I switched back to 1/4 inch flat reed to finish weaving the basket.

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  1. Beautiful! I have always wanted to try this type of basket. I think I have a book by you from years ago.