Sunday, October 30, 2016

Josephine Knot

The Josephine Knot is a design that dates back for thousands of years.  The unique twist can be found in numerous  artistic forms.
Sandy Bulgrin  taught a workshop using the knot as the beginning of a rib hen basket at the Bedford Basketweavers Guild annual convention last weekend.
A Josephine Knot is formed with ten pieces of round reed to begin the basket. The pieces are separated on both ends to form the ribs of the hen basket.  After a few rows of weaving the ribs are shaped and tucked into place to form the rounded basket shape.   The basket ribs are adjusted with each additional row of weavers until the desired shape is formed.  The weaving continues from both sides until it meets in the middle and the basket is complete
I used a combination of  cream, turquoise, green and tan round reed, flat reed and seagrass to add a "beachy" color scheme.


  1. Thanks for sharing! You have inspired me. I have been learning Chinese knotting techniques and Kumihimo. I am thinking about interpreting your amazing basket design through crochet.