Sunday, March 11, 2012

Double walled Baskets

Weaving baskets with small round reed used to evoke memories of flimsy containers with wooden bases woven at Girl Scout camp.   Consequently I seldom used round reed in my baskets.   That is until I had the opportunity to take a Cherokee basket workshop lead by Peggy Brennan at Common Ground held in July at McDaniel College.   Brennan’s knowledge of basketry and enthusiasm for promoting the role of basketry in the Cherokee culture is inspiring.  Under her tutorage I learned the basics for weaving a double wall basket.  

Double wall baskets are extremely sturdy and not at all like my childhood attempts.  The basket base is woven first and the sides are pulled up and shaped as you weave.  At the desired height of the basket the reed is flipped down and a second wall of weaving is woven over the basket shape until it reaches the base.   Once this basic process is learned you can manipulate colors, patterns and shapes to create a basket that is uniquely your own.

I have come to love experimenting with color combinations and different shapes and heights of my double wall baskets.  I hope you enjoy some of results shown.

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  1. Thanks for describing how to make a double walled basket. I would like to watch you make one. Maybe you could make one the next time we have craft night at your house.