Friday, March 30, 2012

Step Baskets

A step basket’s function dictates its form.  The basket is designed to nest against 2 steps.  The base of the basket is deep, while the top section is half the depth.  A handle allows for easy carrying.

Many basket lovers keep a step basket at the base of a staircase to serve as a “catchall” for items that need to be taken upstairs.  When the basket is full, it can be easily carried up the stairs to be emptied.

A word of caution…….  Make sure everyone in the house knows that you have placed a step basket on the stairs.  I was commissioned to make a step basket to be given as a gift.  The recipient was thrilled with the basket, but it was returned to me in 3 weeks.  The daughter had stepped on the basket as she tumbled down the stairs.  Fortunately the girl was not hurt, but the basket didn’t fare so well.  The handle was broken into pieces.   I was able to replace the handle and repair the damage so the step basket was ready too be used again. 

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