Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cedar Weaving with Pam Talsky

I spent the weekend with the ladies of the Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers Guild at their annual spring retreat. It was a fun time of weaving, talking and enjoying each others company.

The weaving workshops were lead by Pam Talsky.  She brought hand harvested Alaskan yellow and western red cedar bark from Thorne Bay Alaska for weaving a choice of baskets.  www/

Friday evening I made 2 bracelets from Alaskan yellow cedar.
Four pieces of cedar were braided around a flat oval reed circle form to create a design both inside and out .

Saturday's basket began with a twill base of western red cedar.  The sides combined a pattern of purple tortoise shell cane and a cross stitch weaving pattern of purple waxed linen.  The top of the basket was finished with a Haida seed twining pattern with yellow cedar.  A small accent of beads was added to the front of the basket.

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